Desire Knows No Boundaries

activity A question I received: I am sitting here in Australia in front of a computer screen. How can I adopt the group’s desire and tune into the group?

My Answer: Desire knows no boundaries. Only our material bodies are limited by place, movement, distance, and time. However, our soul or desires are in a different dimension where there are no boundaries or limitations.

The spiritual world is a world of forces. The Book of Zohar describes it through stories about Abraham and Jacob, Pharaoh and Moses, and others, which are all talking about forces that a person discovers within. He reveals them beyond time and space.

If I want to unite with the friends, what difference does it make where I am located? In ancient times, Kabbalists were also not physically near each other, but this did not pose an obstacle for them. It was not perceived as a barrier to advancement.

If I wish to advance spiritually, the body cannot help me do this. Therefore, we shouldn’t pay attention to the external things. We need the inner desire of our friends, their points in the heart that aspire to attain the Creator and a connection with Him.

The Creator is an all-encompassing force that fills all of reality. If my friends and I strive toward Him, we can unite our efforts by rejecting our egoism. It doesn’t matter where my friends are located. I don’t even need to talk to them. The action of the desire itself is enough to come closer to the Creator, but it will only happen to the extent that I nullify myself before my friends.

However, since we are living in the material world, we have the ability to connect through the Internet and at Congresses. These allow us to establish more than just an inner connection. Therefore, it pays to attend a Congress once a year, as it can become a great training wheel for us to tune into the common desire.

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