Break Through The Dream Of This World Using The Book Of Zohar

climate We will not be able to reveal the spiritual world without studying The Book of Zohar. It’s not because this book is so powerful and able to accelerate our development so greatly that instead of walking on foot or riding a horse, we will be flying on a plane. Rather, without it, we will be simply unable to concentrate on the inner, spiritual reality and we’ll see just the external screen that shows us this material, illusory world.

We will never be able to break through this screen and reveal the forces that operate behind it, creating the projection of this movie (this world); or to break through even farther, past these forces and qualities to the ray of Light, the projector; and then even farther – to the Creator, the source of all forces, qualities and meaning.

How is it possible to go from the external picture to the forces, to the Creator’s thoughts, intentions and actions relative to us, in order to understand why He is showing us this movie? What does He want to tell us by showing us all of these animals, people and everything happening in this world? Why does He give us the sensation of our life, as if we have a past, a time when we were born, our current lives and the feeling that eventually we will have to die, and meanwhile we are surrounded by an entire world and other people. Why does He make us see this dream?

I am being told that my entire life of today is not real! I want to break through this life to the truth and find out: What is it that He wants? Why did He tie me to strings to control me like a puppet, making it seem as though I am alive? Why does He do everything in this way, and who is He? And what next?

These questions will lead me to the answer.

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