Become A Sage In One Day By Attending A Kabbalah Congress

well A question I received: You say that I need to hold on to my friends for support, but what can I do if I am studying virtually and cannot connect with friends live in person?

My Answer: You can attend any of our Congresses; this way you will be able to connect with friends at least once every 6 months to a year. Actually, there are examples of this from ancient history. A few thousand years ago, a person who lived in the Negev desert would come to Jerusalem to study the Torah only once a year for one day. He couldn’t stay there longer because he was a peasant and had to work in the field. When there was a break between the seasons he would come to Jerusalem riding his donkey, would study for one day, and in the evening he would head back home.

He was called Bar BiYoma – a student for one day, or more exactly, a master for one day, because in a single day, his desire granted him such a powerful connection with the study, the friends, the Source, and spirituality, that he became a great sage.

Therefore, if you attend a Congress nearest you once a year, this will be equal to studying and sitting together with everyone for a whole year.

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  1. It is amazing how a revelation is realized when one most needs it! I live in a geographical area where there are no live groups as you describe. I learned of the World Congress being held in Saint Louis, MO (which is 500 miles from my home) in January 2010 a few days ago and was able to rearrange my work schedule in order to attend. This will be my first congress and I am VERY excited.

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