What Does The Financial Crisis Hold In Store For Us?

History Is the Unraveling of Reshimot Inside UsTwo questions I received on the after-effects of the financial crisis:

Question: If we don’t attain correction, will the coming blows correspond to creation’s stages of development? We are currently witnessing a financial crisis. Does this mean that the next crisis will happen on the vegetative level, and so on?

My Answer: Certainly, the crises will become more and more intense, qualitatively speaking.

Question: The Top Heavy Corporate Greed is a major contributing factor to the financial problem. How can any business or country operate efficiently when capitalistic greed and ego is the primary driving force? What will happen to these individuals when they can no longer receive their Million Dollar per year salaries and yet they’ll try to continue with that life style?

My Answer: They will realize that they were never really fulfilled, but only had the illusion of fulfillment. They will then turn to the Source of the true, eternal and perfect fulfillment, first out of necessity, driven by suffering, and afterwards – through sensing harmony and infinite delight.

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