The Spiritual Roots Of The Three Religions

Is There a Supreme Judge?A question I received: I don’t understand why there is a division into three religions. If God is one, why do we have these differences?

My Answer: The religions were given to us so we would develop during the period of the Creator’s concealment. However, when the Creator is revealed, they will naturally turn into the national traditions, a nation’s culture.

In spirituality, we advance along three lines. These three lines are reflected in our world during the period of concealment as the three religions: Islam corresponds to the right line, Christianity – to the left line, and Judaism – to the middle line.

This also has an affect on how their calendars are structured: The Islamic calendar is lunar (based on the moon), the Christian calendar is solar (based on the sun), and the Jewish calendar is luni-solar (based on both). How did people know what kind of calendar to create? They did it because everything in our world comes from the spiritual roots, and people’s acts are determined by the expression of these roots in our world. (However, a Kabbalist acts consciously in accordance with this, whereas others do it unconsciously.)

As for all the other teachings, they are not considered religions, but faiths or beliefs. There are about 3800 of them in the world.

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  1. You advise that there are three religions ,and all the other are faiths and beliefs.
    What about Buddhism and other religions,that existed before Judaism?
    Why would you call it a belief,and not a religion?


  2. According to some spiritual writings, religion is treated in a positive way. In others, religion is not recommended as a path to enlightenment. Is religion desirable to some, and not to others? Is religion good or is it bad?

  3. Feedback;
    In the short time that I have been exposed to Kabbalah I have been very impressed by the clarity of the teaching which is being given to the world. I just want to say thank you to the efforts of the people who make this possible.

  4. The Kabbalah is not religion.But qhat about theology, it isn’t that either?

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