People Are Trying To Close Their Eyes To The Crisis

crisisNews Report (translated from “Covering up the word ‘Crisis” Businessmen and mass media are avoiding the use of expressions such as “the global financial crisis,” “recession,” “financial instability” and “dead end.” They’re inventing terms that are more positive and vague in order to circumvent the crisis rhetoric. For example, instead of “a global recession,” they say, “a temporary instability,” instead of “crisis” – “a period of opportunity.”

My Comment: I understand them: the reliable world of money and power has suddenly became volatile and elusive. The future is uncertain, and for an economist, this is worse than death itself. As the financial experts are battling the crisis, they are still trying to:

1. Conceal the panic that engulfs the financial markets,
2. Support the economy in a time when there’s no credit available.

In support, the governments are extending credit to banks and large firms, buying out their debt securities – anything to revitalize the crediting process. However, it’s impossible to bring back the old relationships. Perhaps they can be brought back temporarily, but this will entail great expenditures and will be artificial, like resuscitating a patient who’s in a hopeless condition.

The solution to the problem lies in studying the integral, global world that we have suddenly found ourselves in. It operates by completely different social laws, interconnections, and contractual terms than our old world, which wasn’t globally connected.

How do we enter into agreements or create new financial programs while taking the universal interdependency into account? The system is starting to work in new, unfamiliar ways, and the interconnections between the financial structures are the “unknowns” in the equation. No one yet knows what they are and how to work with them.

This is exactly what Kabbalah explains – the world’s globality, because Kabbalah studies the Creator, the One Global Governor. Everything that’s happening is His way of leading us to realize that it’s necessary to get to know Him!

However, if we’ll keep trying to create a new, “positive and vague” vocabulary, it will cost us dearly and only drive the illness deeper inside us.

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