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The Israeli magazine “Pnai Plus” published the following article about our TV channel (written in its usual, somewhat sarcastic tone):


Let’s Pray: The “Kabbalah” Channel

“Here’s a cute idea: a simple version of spirituality presented on a TV channel! I mean, come on, not everyone wishing to develop spiritually has to do it while sitting on a plastic chair in a live “spiritual” seminar. Some of us prefer to do our spiritual exploration without leaving the couch.

The organization Kabbalah L’Am, headed by Rav Dr. Michael Laitman, decided to hold an around-the-clock broadcast, and their motto is: “Connecting to Goodness.” In fact, it appears that this idea is gradually becoming a reality, even if that means showing the same TV-show host over and over again, who may already be showing signs of fatigue.

I gave it a try and watched the discussions, educational programs, shows about relationships between men and women, a live lecture by Dr. Laitman and his conversation with Gil Kopach about the weekly Torah portion. The final conclusion I have reached is that these guys are really down to business. They really want to make me feel good, and they manage to do it without preaching. I’ll definitely try it again.”

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  1. So happy about this.

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