One Must Feel That He Is The Only Created Creature

contactQuestions I received on interpreting Baal HaSulam’s words and visiting graves of the righteous:

Question: In Shamati, Baal HaSulam mentions several times the “Masach de Hirik.” Would you please explain this phenomenon or concept?

My Answer: It is the correction of the soul in the middle line. One uses the egoism from the left line and the force of Light that corrects it from the right line, thereby building himself with the help of these two forces.

Question: What is the meaning of the word Yuli (יולי)?

My Answer: It is the initial material, from which everything developed.

Question: Why is the expression that Rav Ashlag uses, “What’s the meaning of my life?” and not for example: “What’s the meaning of life?”

My Answer: It’s because a person has to feel this question personally, to feel that his life depends on it completely. He has to feel that he is the only created creature (see the materials on Perception of Reality), and because of this, the purpose of life in general, of everyone’s lives, depends on his life.

Question: Where is the place in which the creature realizes his “I,” and on the other hand, realizes that there is none else beside Him?

My Answer: The place of realizing his “I” is in Malchut, and of realizing the Creator – in Keter.

Question: Does it help visiting the graves of the righteous and lighting a candle to sanctify the soul?

My Answer: Only psychologically!

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One Comment

  1. Dear rav Laitman,

    First a few words to thank you for this incredible work BB is accomplishing. It has of a dream coming through this olam azer stuff we marinated in. but here is the vessel. So with simplicity I assure you of my outmost respect and will to help.

    Considering the question “Why does, within the breakage in the world of Nekudim, does the Katnut state of the partzuf also breaks after the gadlut state, you mentioned a clear answer, based on the fact that it was a mistake: the plan was revealed and wrong  (I make it short).

    How can we understand this? does it means that “making mistake” is part of the perfection of the creator?

    Is it that the “search” and “making mistake” notions were intentionnaly placed somewhere at the root of the creation?

    Or did the creator did not estimate at its exact  value, the coarsness of the desires in malchut? (though he was aware of aviut dalet)

    What is this mistake?

    Could you please elaborate a few words on this

    I never miss one of your lesson, but each of them would require an entire day of study to really get clothes by its content.

    Thank you again and please take a great care of yourself as we egoistically need you.  🙂  …but for the sake of the creator

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