My Answer To Everyone With “Special Abilities”

The Secret Things Belong to the CreatorA question I received: I wanted to talk to you or your assistants about certain special abilities people have, such as the ability to penetrate into the world’s secrets with the help of a Guardian Angel. I would very much appreciate it if you counsel me as to what to do next! For a long time now I haven’t had the courage to take this matter further.

My Answer: I receive many questions similar to yours, but I always delete them without answering. I’ve decided to answer your question as an example to all the others. I don’t discuss anything unrelated to Kabbalah, and I don’t argue about who’s right and who’s wrong. I also don’t try to persuade anyone that I’m the only one with the truth.

It is your right – and an obligation given to you by the Creator – to search for and select your own path, truth, faith and goal in life. I only answer questions about Kabbalah, because seeing as Kabbalah is by definition the method of revealing the Creator to man, it includes everything else, provided that those things exist!

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