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kopach_site_wNews Report (translated from The famous comedian and TV host, Gil Kopach, will head the “Ale Yarok” party, which campaigns for the decriminalization of pot (marijuana) in Israel. Kopach will replace Chairman Shlomi Sandak, who was unable to get elected to the Knesset in past elections. The reason for the party’s failure may be the “anonymity” of its former leader. According to official statistics, about 1,200,000 Israelis use light drugs, but the party that proposes to free them from the threat of jail has never been able to get past the electoral barrier. This time they are counting on Kopach’s popularity.

The actor refused to comment on the new offer, which will mark a radical change in his career. However, the former Chairman stated in an interview with the Haaretz newspaper that Kopach has always been a passionate supporter of legalizing marijuana.

Kopach owes his popularity to his role in the movie, “Pini Ha-Gadol” and in Amnon Levi’s TV program “The End of the Week” on Channel 1 of ITV. Kopach’s parodies and ironic commentaries on religious texts caused a big stir in Israel at the end of the 90s.

A few weeks ago Kopach began to collaborate with The Kabbalah Channel – YES 66, where he hosts a talk show about the weekly Torah portion (shown on the photo below).


My Comment: I was introduced to a young, pleasant looking man who looked about 30 years old, and I was told that he is a popular TV commentator on the Torah who is interested in discussing the Torah with me on our Kabbalah TV channel. This happened a few weeks ago, and that’s how we began our weekly talks. We discuss the weekly Torah portions; Gil talks about them from the literary perspective, while I talk about their Kabbalistic meaning.

By the way, I did not notice any irony when he talked about the Biblical texts. On the contrary, I saw an attitude of care and respect. Actually, I get the feeling that he is “coming back to faith,” but of course I don’t ask him about it since it’s his personal business.

I hear that the show is popular. And of course, I don’t care about my conversation partner’s political or social engagements. Our contact is limited to the discussion of the Torah – no drugs included!

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