Are We Permitted To Get Angry At The Creator?

angryTwo questions I received on being angry at the Creator:

Question: When we feel so much pain, feel angry with others, the corporeal world, and ourselves, due to our egoism, are we permitted to get angry with the Creator as well?

My Answer: No matter who you are angry at, you are really angry at the Creator, and that’s how He perceives it. After all, it is He who creates your picture of the world at each and every moment.

Question: You teach that according to equivalence of form, a person sees bad qualities in others only to the degree he has those qualities. What do you do when you hate the evil in you and in others, if everything around us is the Creator, who is Kind and Benevolent? It turns out that by hating evil, I hate the Creator!? How is it possible to combine hatred for evil and justification of the Kind and Benevolent?

My Answer: Only if you correct yourself and become kind to others, will you then become kind to the Creator and justify Him. This is equivalence of form.

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