Nature’s Commandments = the Creator’s Laws

A Reshimo Is One's Complete Future StateBaal HaSulam writes in the article “The Peace,” the section “The Necessity to Practice Caution With the Laws of Nature”:

It is vitally important for us to study the commandments of nature and know what it demands of us, lest it would mercilessly punish us. Nature obligates man to lead a social life, and we need to examine the commandments that nature necessitates us to observe in society. There are in fact only two social precepts to observe: “reception” and “bestowal.”

Meaning, nature obligates each member of society to:

1) Receive his needs from society, and
2) To benefit society through his work for its wellbeing.

And he is obligated to observe both commandments correctly, for if he breaks one of them, he will be mercilessly punished.

When one violates the commandment of reception, the punishment is carried out immediately, which prevents any neglect and forces us to observe it. But in the other commandment, that of bestowal upon society, not only does the punishment not occur immediately, but it is given indirectly. Therefore, this commandment is not properly observed.

Nature, like a competent judge, punishes us according to our development, for we can see that to the extent that mankind develops, so increase the pains and torments of providing for our existence. And the suffering will continue to increase, until the global crisis will show us that the Creator’s providence has commanded us to observe with all our might the commandment of bestowal upon others with utter precision.

And as long as we are idle in performing this law to the fullest, nature will not stop punishing us. And of course, nature will defeat us and we will all be compelled to join hands – as one man – in the following of the commandments with all the required measure.

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