Life Is a Game

Life Is a GameTwo questions I received on freedom of choice

Question: What do you do when you understand that there is none else beside Him in reality, and that even I don’t exist? I felt this today and I got scared. It’s a game, and I am not a part of it. I got a feeling that there is only one way out of this – to become a human being, to develop the point in the heart that’s in me, otherwise “I” won’t exist. It’s scary living with the knowledge that you don’t exist at all, in any regard. But the answer comes immediately: It lies only in the aspiration toward attainment and adhesion. But what do you do with the fear?

My Answer: Being present at the lessons daily (for at least a part of them, virtually), disseminating together with everyone, and most importantly, feeling the world group – these are the only things that will enable you to come out of all the negative feelings! It’s because spirituality can only be attained in the unity of souls with one another, and to the degree of their unity. The only correct way to eliminate all the negative incidents is through unity and dissemination.

Question: Yesterday, I went outside and I didn’t feel like I was outside. I had the feeling that the only thing that changed was the scenery. I used to see people just as people before, but now I see additional meaning when I look at them – I see that there is no independence at all, and that everyone are puppets…

My Answer: In addition to this, you should also remember that you are the same as well… Your feeling is right in that everything is a theater, and everyone is an actor acting out our roles. You should find out what your role and purpose is, reveal the entire picture of the universe and consciously play your role in it, in order to become like the Creator. By playing His role, you start understanding Him and the Great Director’s Design.

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  1. how do we know that the Force is the only one, and that what  we will fell after the up  worlds are reavelded it is not our imagination?!?!or an illusion ?!?!

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