The Irrationality of Kabbalah

The Irrationality of KabbalahA question I received: Do you really think that the world will ever take Kabbalah seriously? It is absolutely irrational. Besides, claiming that Kabbalah is the one and only truth discredits it in the eyes of the scientific community and aggravates the masses.

My Answer: You know, the title of my PhD dissertation was “Kabbalah as a Form of Irrational Consciousness.” I had to write “irrational” in order to say “the system of total interconnection in the universe,” because a person living in today’s modern world doesn’t yet understand or feel this system.

Today, a person thinks that taking care of himself is reasonable and rational. Kabbalah, on the other hand, explains the universe as an integrated system, and as such, states that all problems must be solved based on a common coherent system of all the worlds, including our world.

Let’s say that today, in light of the planet’s threatening state, we could decide together (or place our trust in some sage) on what is beneficial for the complete system, even if we just decide with regard to our planet, without Kabbalah or the Creator. As a result of such unconscious attempts to connect with the system of Adam ha Rishon (the system of souls), we would begin to feel the Upper world – the altruistic links between us. This altruistic connection to one another is the quality of the Creator.

I believe that humanity will come to assess reality with such objectivity, that personal and national issues will take a back seat or disappear altogether from our field of consideration. This is because solutions will come by themselves when we deal with the system as a whole, when everything is measured from the standpoint of the WHOLE of humanity.

Kabbalah is the one and only truth, because no other science in the world today speaks about and examines the whole world as a single organism. Even today, we are not yet thinking like Abraham was thinking 4,500 years ago.

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  1. Rav. Laitman,

    I was studying from the archive. On Jan. 1st you covered my question specifically about the usage of technology and computers and the Internet in your lesson on “The Future Generation” lesson 9.

    Although we have access to a limitless amount of information with the Internet, its becomes as a prison to those who are connecting to it through their will to receive. The primary traffic comes to much disconnected worthless chit chat. But I feel that if people connect to it through a corrected will to bestow, then it becomes something different entirely.

    If the connection to such powerful technology is in correction, then it obviously will be used to benefit the visceral ascention of individuals in actuality. That potential is what excites me.

    Thanks for letting me share,
    Glory to the Creator and to our Existence
    Garrett Astler

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