Talmud Eser Sefirot – A Study Only for Attaining Revelation

Talmud Eser SefirotThe more you study TES (ed. abbreviation for Talmud Eser Sefirot), the more you understand what it is talking about. Every several lessons you suddenly understand something new, which changes the way you previously perceived and thought of matter. You’re able to understand things on a different level and project this differently onto everyday reality and the group.

A question I received: What difference does this make, if the only thing one needs is for the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) to take him through the Machsom (barrier)? Why does one need his understanding to change? After all, he can’t benefit from these changes, since what he understands comes from the will to receive, which is uncorrected and has no screen.

My Answer: You’re right. Everything that one attains through the mind, without feeling it, everything one attains in one’s uncorrected senses, without the intention to bestow – has no importance when it comes to spiritual attainment. But it’s important before he attains spirituality, because it helps him connect with the material in different states, when his senses aren’t working. And when one’s senses are working, he should try connecting them to the material that he studies. After all, TES speaks about your corrected state, and by studying it, you aspire to attain it with all of your organs, to actually enter it.

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  1. Rav. Laitman,

    I have enjoyed watching daily the english translation of your lessons of the Introduction to the Book of Zohar. It seemed to me that today’s lesson, and your answering of questions was exceptionally clear.

    Being American, the portion of the lesson which I received the most was your answer to the question concerning the New York conference. I want to express that I agree that the American groups are falling apart generally.

    The ideal on which this country was founded causes everyone to believe that they have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and they do. However, their pursuits existing in their ego has caused deep rifts in relationships and unity among people in this country. The time in which I have become aware of the wisdom of Kabbalah causes my heart to ache for my country. I see such wonderful potential accompanied by great laziness and lack of desire for correction, and I feel that if we continue to fall behind the development of Asia in particular than we shall have a lot more to fear than surviving hurricanes.

    I know not the full condition of other countries of the world, but in my region I observe people scared and disconnected from one another. As I try to internally bring myself to correction I find great joy in establishing previously unrecognized connections among my peers. Yet I know that this is not enough.

    For reasons such as these I pray that God continue to bestow upon me the means by which I may travel to Israel and other countries that I may continue to perceive the Upper Light and perhaps make an impact for the sake of my future children.

    I hope this comment is moderated and finds you well

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