Following in the Steps of Past Meetings

Following in the Steps of Past MeetingsAlexander Rapoport is a practicing psychologist specializing in relationships, as well as a famous TV and radio host, theater and film actor, and singer throughout the Russian-speaking world.

We had a conversion over a video conference once, and it’s available here for your reading:
This World Has Not Been Created In Vain – Conversation between Michael Laitman and psychiatrist, sexual pathologist and actor Alexander Rapoport (December 1, 2005)

Here’s how the talk began:

Alexander Rapoport: By listening to the CDs with your speeches, I am ready to subscribe to every word. To me, everything that you say seems to be correct, everything that you say is good, everything that you say is very clear. The only thing that is not clear to me is how this differs from what the representatives of other teachings: yoga, Islam, Orthodoxy, qigong, Tai-Chi and etcetera claim. How is this teaching unique?

My Response: Your question, “How does Kabbalah differ from other teachings, religions?” I can answer by saying that on the surface, it does not differ at all. It stands in the same row as all other teachings: esoteric, non esoteric, religious, different spiritual practices. And man outwardly cannot distinguish one from the other. One can say that it is older than the rest, one can say that it has a more serious inner apparatus, with sketches and graphs, an enormous amount of literature, a connection to different manifestations in our life, but all this does not yet speak about the verity and uniqueness of the teaching.

The uniqueness of Kabbalah is absolutely not visible outwardly. Read the Full Conversation…

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