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The Purposeful Discovery Of Unfounded Hatred

Financial Crisis Causes Spike in Anti-Semitism By joining the desires of others to himself in order to fill those desires, a person creates his soul. This is how he realizes the desire to become similar to the Creator.

Some time ago, Abraham gathered such people in ancient Babylon and created a group which was called “Isra-el,” which means “directly to the Creator.” However, the quality of bestowal is now gone, and instead of love for the neighbor, unfounded hatred is revealed between us. I hate others just because they are not me and for having their own desires.

I am built in such a way that everyone else is absolutely not included in my sphere of interests unless I am able to benefit from them. I hate others because they are separate from me.

On the other hand, if we were united and felt others’ desires within us, we would love them. Therefore, hatred can be revealed only in contrast to love. We always learn from opposites – “the advantage of the Light is learned from darkness.” This is why by striving to love my neighbor, I discover hatred within myself in regards to him.

The students of Rabbi Akiva, who existed in the quality of love for the neighbor, descended from this love into unfounded hatred. They were blown in different directions by the explosion of egoism within them.

If a person rises along the spiritual degrees, if he wishes to achieve bestowal, love, and similarity to the Creator, then he discovers time and time again that his nature is unfounded hatred, and that by revealing the sinner within himself, he corrects himself and becomes righteous.

(From a lesson on “Introduction to the Book ‘From the Mouth of a Sage,’” 11.06.2009)

Above Everything, Maintain Contact With The Creator

Laitman_2009-03_8183Question: What do I do if I feel bad and angry with the Creator?

My Answer: It’s important to maintain contact with the Creator, to ask Him questions and give Him answers, to plead and to demand. But the Creator remains hidden, waiting for you to turn your desire to Him alone.

Question: Even if I’m angry with Him?

My Answer: You can scold Him, but do not stop. What’s most important is to maintain contact with Him. If you keep this contact that’s the best reward, and if you disconnect that’s the worst punishment. The form of His response is completely unimportant, as long as you maintain contact; you should be willing to accept everything but disconnection. That would mean you care only about the Creator and not whatever profit you gain from this relationship.

Under the condition of constant contact, begin to analyze your reality. When you feel good or bad, do you desire this connection? I build my attitude toward Him above the unpleasant sensations, as it is written: “Love will make up for all sins.” Love will make up for them, but they will remain nonetheless.

(From the Daily Lesson 10.20.09)

Spiritual Development May Feel Like A Turbulent Ride

g202Many people ask me: what should I do with my desires, and how should I fight the disturbances?

The breaking or corruption means that the unified creation (the soul, the Kli) divided or broke into many antagonistic parts. Their correction lies in gathering all of them together in spite of the force of their rejection. In other words, the force of unity (the Light, bestowal, love) must be stronger than the forces of mutual rejection (egoism, hate). These forces, however, don’t annul each other, as it is written: “The hero is not the one who kills the enemy, but who makes him serve him.”

Thus, we shouldn’t look for the evil inclination in our daily affairs, but only in our resistance to unifying our desires toward correction, which is equivalence to the Creator. As soon as a person’s ego matures enough for the person to begin correcting it, a point in the heart appears inside him, which is the beginning of his aspiration toward unity. He is then brought to the group, where the Creator bring together all those who are ripe for correction.

If a person participates in the group in order to unify the individual aspirations for the Creator into one strong desire for unity, this evokes the force of correction during the study. Then the force shines on the common aspiration for adhesion between us and the Creator, who is the force of bestowal and love. That sets off the process of “pursuit.”

A person feels as if he is riding a fervent stallion that’s running amok, carrying him forward, and the person is helpless to do anything. The stronger you become in the group, the quicker you correct this, and the faster and stronger you enter inside the group on the next level. This, in turn, reveals your ego to you even more and you find yourself flying ahead on the stallion’s back once again. That is how you quickly reach the end of correction.

Some day the race will be over, because the forces of the ego are not limitless. Each person has his own measure, the capacity of the soul, and he has to reveal and correct all of it.

The Pomegranate Is A Symbol Of The Soul’s Desires

Building the Third Temple A question I received: You said at a lecture that the soul of a man consists of 613 egoistic desires and that one has to correct them to bestowal by attracting the Light during Kabbalah studies, thus coming to the quality of “loving one’s neighbor as oneself.”

This correction of the 613 desires is called observation of the 613 commandments. You also told that the soul is like a pomegranate that consists of 613 seeds in the same manner as the soul consists of 613 desires. But who checked this?

My Answer: You have described it correctly. There was an article written about the pomegranate which recounts a project where the researchers took a number of pomegranates from different countries and counted their seeds. Each pomegranate had a different number of seeds – some less than 613 and some more, but the average number of seeds was 613.

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Wake Up From The Dream

pointThe spiritual world is not in a different dimension or up in the clouds. It is something you find inside your attitude to other people, when you see that your neglect toward them becomes replaced by attentiveness toward them and a feeling that they are important. This happens because you wish to reach spirituality, and you start to see that they are your partners on this path.

You then begin to worry about them and to take care of them just as you would with anyone who is important to you. At first you do this egoistically, but you gradually start to feel that you want to give to them.

That is when the Light begins to work, making you feel that there are qualities inside you that you have to correct. You wish to treat others with love, and you also feel that only the Light can carry out this correction. If you really want this to happen, then the Light will come and correct you.

However, this Light works only inside the connection between people, turning hatred into love and correcting the breaking which once turned love into hatred. Inside this new attitude to others, you begin to reveal the spiritual world that was lost during the breaking. You realize that your connection with others is a connection of souls, of your inner desires, and inside it, you reveal the Creator.

All of this occurs precisely inside this net of desires that bind all of you. They create a vessel (Kli), in which your spiritual life becomes revealed. Meanwhile, the material life turns out to be but a dream, like an imagined world.

Deep inside the connection among people, you reveal the quality of bestowal, and you realize that it is the only thing that exists in the world. Everything else was a fantasy, a concealment of the spiritual world, which was necessary in order for you to reveal it.

Given The Opportunity, Our Egoistic Desire Becomes A Thief

Don't Look for Love In This WorldIt’s not easy to understand that there is a method of being fulfilled by bestowal instead of reception. It seems illogical, and society doesn’t support this either.

However, all of this was arranged on purpose so this opportunity to be filled by bestowal, to reach infinite fulfillment and to feel eternal life, would remain hidden from us. Otherwise, our egoistic desire would rush directly to enjoy from bestowal. (After all, the most important thing for it is to receive pleasure.) It is like a thief that runs ahead of the crowd, screaming, “Catch the thief!”
(From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on Shamati #13)

How To Go Through Life Without The Suffering

cubaA question I received: You have said that the goal of human development, the reason we are born, is to reveal the Upper World inside us, to acquire His qualities and love for Him, as well as for the entire universe. Practically speaking, this means we must attain the ability to feel unconditional, infinite Love.

How will humanity be able to come to this end state if every person subconsciously operates by a strict calculation: how to fulfill his own instinctive needs to eat, drink, sleep (don’t worry about sex – it’s just extra work) and protect himself from others? Today a person may even let his own children and family starve, because he perceives even them as external and alien. For the same reason, people (especially youth) do not even fear death, because there is nothing to lose; this is no life. This is not anyone’s fault, but it’s a disaster!

Fear is no longer a motivator. So what can force all of this to change? In theory, the sensation of lack is what motivates a person forward. But how can one strive toward something he doesn’t feel, and therefore has no sensation of lack related to it?

My Answer: You will see that all of a sudden, people will start to feel the desire for spirituality, and will start to behave accordingly. After all, they are puppets, and are now experiencing a sensation of emptiness and lack of purpose. It is all happening according to the Creator’s plan. There is a time and a place for everything. And as for you, the next stage is already beginning to happen!

Our entire lives are a process of gathering the sensations necessary to come to feel the Creator. Therefore, resistance is useless. What we have to do is speed up the process. That is how everything will change. You will then acquire the same impressions, but without the suffering.

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Israelis Think They Are Awaiting The Rebuilding Of The Temple

religion-is-a-cultureal-tradion-whereas-kabbalah-deals-with-mans-correction-through-revealing-the-lightIn the News (from JTA Org): Poll: Most Israelis know Temple destroyed on Tisha B’Av” Ninety-seven percent of Israeli adults surveyed know the Jewish date of the Holy Temple’s destruction, a survey reported … Some 64 percent of Israeli adults surveyed, including about 47 percent of secular Israelis, said they would like to see the Temple in Jerusalem rebuilt.

My Comment: That’s right: they are “waiting,” expecting someone else to come and build it for them. In addition, they think that the Temple is a building where specific rituals are performed, and a place that may give new jobs to people. They see it as a confirmation of their heritage (and of themselves), as a tourist attraction and a political instrument.

However, no one realizes that “the construction of the Temple” means that every citizen will create the quality of love and bestowal within. Or in other words, that it is a person’s transformation from an egoist to one who loves everyone.

It’s not this Temple they are mourning, but their own selfish ambitions. It is written that the Temple was destroyed due to the people’s unfounded hatred toward one another. It is also written that for every day the Temple is not rebuilt, it is destroyed. This means that as long as the people don’t correct themselves, their “love for others as for oneself” (which they had during the times of the Temple) will remain destroyed.

Somehow, no one seems to be worried about the fact that this loving relationship is missing among all the citizens of the Israeli society. And the education system – whether secular or orthodox – doesn’t inspire any true aspiration for the Temple.

Therefore, the percentages from the above survey are fake: people don’t understand the true essence of the Temple.

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Ascending To Bestowal Above Egoistic Calculations

bestowalNo matter how much the bankers and the economists search for a regulator, they will not find it. After all, the only regulator for our state is in the rule “love your neighbor as yourself.” This is the only form of correct participation in the global system.

Otherwise, you will never have the freedom of will or the opportunity for independent action, and you will remain an inanimate little screw within a rigid system, forced to twist and turn as the system sees fit. But none of it will be done by you – you will be twisted and turned by others.

In order to make decisions and act independently, you need faith above reason and pure bestowal. No other method can be used to influence this system. If everyone were to begin to act this way, suddenly we would find that we are all rising above our previous egoistic calculations of trying to guess how each person would act, which is entirely impossible.

After all, by trying to reveal this formula and coming closer and closer to it, you suddenly switch from a numerical system of calculation to an analogous one. In other words, you stop counting 1+1+…, breaking the whole circle into segments. Because the calculation continuously gets harder, and there are more and more segments, in the end all of them merge into a common integral – into one common circle. You are then no longer able to perform a calculation according to your egoistic nature – you are forced to ascend to bestowal. And this is the only action that can be performed.

This is like a common integral, when you need to measure the area, so you break it up into segments, estimate the area of each, and then add them up, which is how the segments form a circle.

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Love, Family And The Purpose Of Creation

laitman_2008-11_wife-olga_100A question I received: In old times, a man could buy a wife and marriages were arranged by parents. But love can only happen in relation to a specific individual.

In today’s world, marriages aren’t always created for the sake of love. Sometimes it’s because the woman gets pregnant in order to force the man to marry her. Other times, a marriage is required in order to be able to move from one place to another. There are other examples. So you have created a family and now you must protect it. What if feelings arise toward another person when you are already a “cell in the society”? Then, what is a family and what is love?

My Answer: Throughout history, humanity has treated the family as a cell within a society that must be created and developed. In any nation or culture, love was never the motivation for starting a family. The purpose behind family was to be able to exist within the framework of this world.

Today, we are on the brink of realizing another goal: the purpose of the family living for the sake of reaching the Upper World. But while we are still on the threshold, we must free ourselves from the old relationships within the family and realize the purpose of the new, higher goal. At this transition point, we are still analyzing our nature and studying ourselves. We do this in order to come to the realization that our nature is evil and that we must rise above it

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