To Serve or to Help?

504Question: How should your students annul themselves before you? What should they do?

Answer: I am not asking them to do anything for me. I really do not like it when people try to serve me, give me something, and so on. That is why I push such people away.

I say only one thing: “If you want to do good to me, you should do good to each other.” Imagine that instead of me there is a group in front of you, and what you would like to do to me, do to them, and even twice as much. That is all.

I am inside the group, I teach, and I am around all the time, but I do not accept such an attitude toward me when someone serves me.

In general, if everyone does it a little bit, it is fine. There are people who go for a walk with me, there are people who bring lunch, and there are people who clean my office. I usually prefer women because this is natural for them and they do not have any other opportunity to help.

The men, my students, help me in preparing materials and presentations, but in no case do they serve.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. To receive from the teacher” 4/13/11

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