The Power of the Desire

961.2Question: If a person feels a certain influence from you, feels your energy, does it affect the hastening of his understanding of spirituality?

Answer: It depends only on his work.

Question: How was it for you with your teacher?

Answer: We were attuned to each other: I to him, and he to me! We worked in unison! I wanted to receive from him, and he wanted to pass on to me! He worked in order to form within me everything that is possible: fill, fulfill, and so on. And I was in some part a passive recipient, and in some part an active one.

Question: How did you agree to come to this?

Answer: We did not. This is a desire. There is no way to agree in words here. This is simply a desire to annul oneself before the teacher, and then the student becomes able to receive from him. It is also necessary for the teacher to have the desire and vision of what he really needs to give to this student because he sees a possibility to continue the spiritual transmission to the world in the future.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Spiritual Energy” 4/21/11

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