How Can I Love Someone Who Hates Me?

565.02Comment: Sergey asks: “You keep repeating: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ You keep coming back to this law, saying that it is the most important one. My question is, who is this neighbor who should be loved like oneself? And how can you love a neighbor who has planned and committed many atrocities against you or your home? At the same time, he does not feel the slightest repentance.”

My Response: Yes. But still, nevertheless, we must reassess our attitude toward everyone and see that our attitude toward everyone is terrible, negative, and selfish and that we need absolutely complete forgiveness. For each one of us. I have to condemn myself and ask the Creator to justify me.

Question: Are you saying that I treat my neighbor this way not because he is so bad but because I am so bad?

Answer: Of course. How else can it be?

Comment: He has committed so many terrible actions against me and against my loved ones and relatives.

My Response: Eventually, it turns out that either the Creator is perfect and you are the opposite of Him or vice versa.

Question: I am perfect and the Creator is not perfect? And you say the  Creator is perfect?

Answer: Yes, but in this case I become the opposite of Him.

Question: So if we say that all these are actions of the Creator, then the Creator does all this only so that I can look at myself in that way?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Absolutely everything: tragedies, wars, everything that happens around me?

Answer: Absolutely. Nothing matters; the main thing is the possibility of correcting one’s attitude toward the Creator.

Question: Is this the whole path of man?

Answer: Yes. It is his whole life.

Question: And all this centuries-old history of ours, the tragedies of wars, is it just for that?

Answer: Absolutely only for that.

Question: If a person succeeds, does it mean that the whole chain has worked? In general, everything that happened?

Answer: Yes, like a dream.

Question: That was a dream. And what is not a dream?

Answer: It is not a dream when you justify all this and exalt the Creator above yourself, your opinion, then you will see what it means to exist outside of the dream.

Question: Tell me, when you say “exalt the Creator,” what do you mean by “Creator” in this sense?

Answer: Fate.

Question: My fate? So my fate led me to itself?

Answer: Of course.

Question: My destiny is the Creator? And everyone should think so, each one of the eight billion living people?

Answer: Yes, and by this we unite with each other in one common good desire.

Question: So if we have similar intentions to work on ourselves, then this is how we connect together?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: I see. But I think about myself at this moment that I am bad. I am not thinking about anyone else.

My Response: It doesn’t matter. You are correcting your part in the global desire governing the world.

Question: Then, the last question. We started with “Love thy neighbor as thyself” as the law of life. Where is “Love thy neighbor as thyself” when I begin to work on myself to deal with correcting myself?

Answer: Love anyone but yourself. In what form do you think he exists, how do you imagine him, you have to love him the way you love yourself.

Question: It turns out that love your neighbor as yourself is work on yourself?

Answer: Of course. And what does it call for? Love him as yourself. That is, at the moment when I realize that I cannot love, this is where the work begins.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/15/23

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