The Book of Zohar Is Revealed for Us

65The Book of Zohar has been revealed only in our days because in our development we have passed the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels and have reached the human level (human— Adam, from the word “Edomeh,” similar to the Creator).

Therefore, today we feel crisis, helplessness, despair, and disappointment in our lives.

That is why The Book of Zohar is revealed so that we can carry out our correction, meaning, reach the same system of connection between us as in Malchut of infinity where we are all connected together as one whole.

The first stage of correction is called “do not do to the other what is hateful to you.” This is the level of Hafetz Hesed (one who wishes nothing for oneself), return out of fear (trepidation).

The second stage of correction is even higher, at the level of love your neighbor as yourself, return out of love, or receiving for the sake of bestowal.

We have to make these two corrections and both of them are implemented in relations between people.

After all, the Creator is revealed in our corrected relationships to the extent of our love and bestowal to our neighbor or as it is said: “From the love of the other to the love of the Creator.”

Not a single correction can be made other than by its implementation in a group of Kabbalists, that is, those who wish to reach the level of human.

In their relations with each other, they build the system of Malchut of infinity and wish to feel in it the light of infinity, the Creator.

The Book of Zohar should give us strength, desire, and inner attainments for this.

Therefore, while reading The Zohar, one should try to keep the intention that we are all one and that our points in the heart, desires for spirituality, unite together and from these common desires we build our spiritual vessel, Shechina, or Malchut of infinity, in which we will feel Creator.

We must feel together, like the authors of The Zohar, the group of Rabbi Shimon, and try to imagine what the Book speaks about within this system of connections between us.

After all, The Zohar speaks only about the connection between us, although it describes it in all sorts of forms and images, supposedly of this world, it is only about the forces of our soul.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/21/10, The Book of Zohar “Shemot”

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