Loss of Spiritual Sensation

546.02Comment: You once said that a person should use the light of confidence that occasionally shines on him.

My Response: This happens when the group provides him with their support. When he feels that he is walking with his friends, they support him all the time, and he has something to fall on.

Question: Is isn’t the light when a person felt his first contact with Kabbalah and really felt that this was the truth?

Answer: No, of course not.

Question: Why does a person still lose the feeling he experienced the first time he encountered Kabbalah?

Answer: So that he can move forward normally. Now he must understand it himself within his corrected properties.

Question: It turns out that the initial feeling is erased so that there are no moments one can become attached to?

Answer: Of course. After all, you return to a normal state in which you do not believe that there is something that is not material. You can even say, “All this is nonsense,” despite the fact that you once absolutely clearly experienced spirituality.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Forget Spiritual Attainment” 6/9/13

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