Why Are Adults Hypocrites?

963.1There is a popular saying in Latin America: “Children and drunks always tell the truth.” Why do we lose this sincerity and truthfulness as we grow up? Why does a person develop toward lying?

It is because our mind develops in order to protect us from the harm that we can do to ourselves. Since we are always chasing egoistic fulfillment, we are forced to hide this desire, and therefore, we deceive all the time. It turns out that we are all liars because we do not want to do anything good to others, but we are outwardly hypocritical, pretending that we are doing good deeds toward one another.

We try to hide our intentions from each other, which are aimed only at using others for our own benefit.

Only the environment determines how close or far from the truth a person will be. The environment affects a person and is able to radically change him from one polarity to the other. It can make him good and kind to others, and the opposite to the point where he becomes complete unrecognizable.

If we create a society in which everyone agrees to build good relations as the most important value, then it will be possible to teach both children and adults correct relationships so that everyone feels that they depend on others and are obliged to behave with them carefully. If we feel our dependence on everyone, it will not be at all difficult for us to treat them with warmth.
From KabTV’s “World” 8/11/22

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