The Fake World

423.02Question: In theory, a movie itself is a fraud. For example, a movie supposedly takes place in New York, but in fact they shoot somewhere in an alley or a set somewhere else. It still evokes certain feelings in people. They are sort of deceived, but this deception works.

Nowadays everything is being filmed in 3D in studios. They recreate some worlds for you to view, but in fact, you see generated graphics, something not real. Is there some kind of energy behind the material image that has existed for five centuries that is identical to this 3D?

Answer: All this is so artificial! But what does “genuine” mean? What does “natural” mean? No one knows that. You can take a person and stuff him with any images as basic ones, and then build anything upon them, any civilization, any culture.

But gradually it all goes away. We are entering a completely different world, which will be a transitional world where we will get used to the fact that everything is changing. As, for example, in the movies where encounters with aliens who arrived from other galaxies are portrayed. Let’s say some huge hall in which different creatures with crocodile muzzles or with two heads walk around and bow to each other, such an international bazaar.

We are in a state where we have to get used to the fact that the world is within us, all of Hollywood is within us. One single truth will prevail above everything. This is the Kabbalistic approach.

Everything will be measured only by the relative quality of bestowal. Relative means that it is in a different way for everyone. People will communicate and understand each other internally. The feeling of our world, space, and matter will begin to disappear because it does not really exist.

Engels said that matter is given to us in sensations. And it is indeed so. Matter is what is given to us today in sensations. To the extent that our qualities, our sensations change, our idea of matter also changes.

Question: If we compare cinema with this fake world and take Kabbalistic texts, do they also awaken certain states, a certain movie, but only on a different level? Are the feelings that are awakened, for example, by The Book of Zohar and by other sources real, not like a movie?

Answer: Yes, because they are those partial qualities, types, and fragments of the whole unified image of nature. That is, they are degrees of attaining the perfection of nature, which is eternal and perfect. And all its degrees are private measures of its revelation relative to us. They also exist, but they exist relative to us.

Everything else that we feel today is absolutely illusive, invented because it is induced to us by our egoism, like in a half-dream, like in an unconscious state in which a person feels some kind of vibes.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Deception of the Movies” 2/19/13

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