Rising Above Earthly Nature

608.01Question: The language of the Ari is called a system of screens. The screen is an anti-egoistic quality, when a person can perform some action without taking into account his personal interests. What is this system, what does it consist of?

Answer: The system of screens means that a person can connect with the upper world and rise above his earthly nature. The earthly nature of a person is very simple; it is our egoism, which exists in everyone and forces us to perform certain actions, which are called desires to enjoy. It seems to a person that these actions are intended to fulfill him. But in fact, it is not so.

Our nature is the inner feeling that by acting egoistically, for our own sake, we are fulfilled and feel satisfied.

But there is the opposite; not engaging in self-enjoyment, but making efforts to fulfill not myself, but others. It is not easy. A person is unable to do it. But by trying to do it, one begins to feel that there is a second part of nature, opposite to our world, like a looking glass.

If we gradually develop the qualities of bestowal and love for others, which are opposite to our egoism, then we can begin to feel this looking glass, this opposite world. It exists next to us, but we do not feel it because we do not have its qualities. All of the qualities we have are egoistic, and they close us in ourselves.

Question: Does the screen allow you to objectively look at reality?

Answer: Yes. The Ari first described the qualities of the screen and explained how we can create it in ourselves, develop anti-egoistic qualities, and feel the other world not inside, but outside of egoism. That is why the upper world is called “the other world,” i.e., undisturbed by our egoistic organs.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/2/22

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