I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me

622.02Question: In our life, as a rule, if a person did something wrong, it is customary to apologize. How are things in Kabbalah? After all, a Kabbalist, in principle, understands that everything that happens is beneficial.

Answer: If you cause obvious harm to a person, then you are obliged to apologize to him.

We have a code called “Set Table” (Shulchan Aruch), which is similar to how you set the table before a meal. If you follow this code, it opens up a normal, beautiful life for you. It describes all the laws: between people, between people and animals, between people and nature, with oneself, with parents, with children, with generally everything.

These are like the instructions for use that are attached for machines, but these instructions are for a person.

Question: Should a person publicly apologize?

Answer: No, not necessarily. Only if you publicly insulted someone; then you have to apologize publicly. And if the person has died? You must bring ten witnesses to his grave in the cemetery, take off your shoes, sit on his grave and ask in front of the witnesses that he forgive you. There are such interesting conditions.

Question: But at the same time, who knows who does good and who does bad? For example, we may perform some supposedly negative action and we do not know what we are doing.

Answer: When a person grows spiritually, he knows. He receives other opportunities to balance what he did in the past.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Sorry…” 2/27/13

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