I Am Not Interested in It

565.02Comment: I have seen how people who study Kabbalah change. They begin to look at the world more broadly, understand its interconnectedness, and treat the world as a laboratory.

My Response: Sure. The paradox is that we are not moving away from the world. On the contrary, we go into the world, we get closer to it. Through wanting to rise up, we approach, if I may say so, the lower, ordinary people; we go out to them. We don’t fly skyward and we don’t go up to some closed abode, nothing like that. on the contrary.

Comment: People who study Kabbalah seem to develop patience. But, sometimes it happens that you can’t stand all sorts of nonsense, ie., when someone starts telling you about aliens. You realize that you don’t want to talk about it, but he tells you: “Can you imagine… .”

How should you respond to it? You don’t want to offend people because this is their understanding. But poking around in this is also impossible.

My Response: I have a simple answer to this: “I’m not interested in it.” That’s all. When it is absolutely provable, then we will talk.

Here are the ancient Egyptians, aliens, flying saucers, Bigfoot, and whatnot, especially on the Internet! So people like to engage in it, it fascinates them and brightens up their lives. You tell them that you need to aspire to something, reveal something, but here it seems to exist around us and now; if I squint a little, I will suddenly see it.

People need all this, and the press supports it. After all, you need to sell something, you need to entertain a person.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How Сonsciousness Сhanges from Kabbalah” 3/8/13

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