No Need to Shout “From an Armored Car”


People who are revered as gods lose their human features over time (Jerzy Stanislaw Lec).

Question: When we worship people as gods, what does it do to people?

Answer: By doing this, you are doing them a very bad service: you harden the heart and egoism increases. You as if convey your egoism to them, impose an additional burden on them in all their views on the world, on others, and on oneself.

Question: So it’s a bad service if I honor a person like that?

Answer: Worshiping is very bad.

Question: And here he wrote very beautifully: “Then this person loses his human features.” What are human features for you? What is a human?

Answer: Tied to the flow of life, fulfilling one’s duty to society and to others and wishing to find service to the Creator in this. That’s all.

Question: So, as a result, one does everything not for oneself, but for people?

Answer: Yes, but calmly without eruptions or screams from an “armored car.”

Question: And when do you put someone in an “armored car,”  on a pedestal?

Answer: It seems to me that you are very much spoiling someone by doing this. At least, you make it difficult for him to work in this world many times over, difficult to annul himself and manifest himself only through other people and the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/2/22

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