Where Do Dreams Come From?

565.02Dreams are impressions of the material world or other various wandering currents in our subconscious that a person sees in his mind.

Question: So is sleep a consequence of what you have experienced during the day?

Answer: Not necessarily what you experienced. Babies do not experience anything. It is only wandering streams or currents of information or restructuring of all sorts of cells, of brain activity, and so on that cause such sensations. We are talking about the physiology of our animal body.

As for the dreams described in Kabbalistic sources, for example, the dreams of Pharaoh or Jacob, here we mean a partial attainment of reality, not complete but partial when a person attains 60 and not 100 degrees in his feelings. This is called a dream.

Question: In the corporeal world, we separate sleeping and dreaming because sleep can be without dreams. What about spirituality?

Answer: It is the same in spirituality. Moreover, dreams in spirituality are not some kind of signs for the future. Kabbalah does not operate with such concepts at all.

Question: Can dreams be used for spiritual development?

Answer: No. By no means. In our life we must clearly, absolutely clearly try to be similar to the Creator, the good that does good, and unite with those who are like us, and with mutual help, attain the Creator together.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/28/22

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