Union Of Peoples


States will be compelled to enter into a union of peoples where each, even the smallest state, could expect its security and rights not from its own forces, but solely from such a great union of peoples (Immanuel Kant).

Question: Is peace possible not from one’s own forces, but from a common alliance?

Answer: The world can be only like this. One is nothing. One in the world equals zero. Only the interaction between such units, which in general are zeros, can give everyone the feeling of self worth. Not he himself, but his association with others is what they create among themselves.

At the same time, all zeros seem to add up together and it turns out to be not zero, but rather something big, because everyone annuls himself and adds up with others, giving everything from himself and absorbing everything from the rest.

Only by sharing, only by investing themselves in others and others in themselves, do they come to a state where everyone has value. Because it is in the union that each of them can reveal their individuality.

This process should take place at all levels.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 3/4/22

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