The Life Force of Water

549.02Question: Why is old age always associated with dryness of the body? When a little person is conceived, his body composition consists of 95% water; for an adult it’s 70% and by old age this number drops to 45% or less.

Answer: This happens until a person completely dries up and disintegrates into dust. The presence of water indicates the support of life in him from the side of the great information of love. A newborn is closer to this force of love. Nature protects and preserves him.

Question: Scientists even conducted experiments on people from ages 7 to 40 years- old about how water reacts to them and they recorded it in photographs. At the age of 7, water formed very beautiful crystals, at 10-15, the same thing happened and by the age of 44 water acquired an ugly image of negative information.

What is this special milestone that is seemingly crossed at 40 years of age?

Answer: 40 years is a milestone when a person has effectively run through the overwhelming good attitude of the outside world toward him. Before that, the world supports him, provides him with vitality, but after this point the person begins to fade away because he is no longer in the right balance with water. The word “water” refers to the informational revitalizing force with which a person is gradually breaking-up.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, The Secret of Life” 7/13/11

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