The Formula of Life: “Me, the Group, and the Creator”

934All of reality is ticking like a wound-up clock according to a determined program, and everything that is going to happen is bound to happen. We just need to establish the correct attitude to what is happening.

But through this more correct or incorrect attitude we, in fact, look at the world, and depending on it we see good or bad events in it. Our attitude is like a filter through which we evaluate and feel reality; you define your entire life this way.

We are inside a deterministic system, all the events in it are precisely predetermined. All we can correct is our attitude toward reality, which is revealed to us. This makes us feel how we ourselves are changing and how the world is changing.

Everything depends on the inner attitude of a person toward his life, whether I am able to fill my entire life with the upper force that moves everything and controls everything and together with my friends try to perceive the Creator in this way. We connect with the friends and feel that the Creator is within us. We live in this aspiration; this is our true internal life.

Outside there is only a mechanical life in which we still need to somehow exist and act. But the main work is to hold the Creator, who supports and connects us, between us, and together with Him move from state to state.

The very first action is to return myself to the state of “There is none else besides Him” all the time. In order to connect myself with the upper force, I need to connect with the ten in order to return from there again to “There is none else besides Him.”

This is how I ascertain every state according to this formula: “Me, the Group, and the Creator.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/20/22, “The Ruin as an Opportunity for Correction”

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