Soccer or the Goal of Creation?

962.5Comment: The environment influences a person, builds him up. But this does not always happen. For example, soccer used to be very popular and still is. A lot of people are fans of this sport. However, among the fans there are those who seem to be present at the matches, root for it, immerse themselves in this environment, but remain unaffected.

Similarly, people engaged in Kabbalah should immerse themselves in a certain state, but they are perhaps not ready for this at all?

My Response: Football is one thing, but striving for the goal of creation is quite another since every person must move toward it because his personal life and everything connected to it depends on it.

The fact is that everything that happens to us is necessary precisely in order for us to take at least some small step toward the goal of creation on our own, like a child who is learning to walk. A small step for a person is a big step for all mankind.

Even if one person takes a small step toward the goal of creation, toward its realization, it resonates throughout humanity because we are all integrally interconnected. Therefore, there is a big difference in whether I am interested in soccer or in implementing a program that depends on me.

Take any person, whoever he may be, even if he only participates in it mentally or by a small action somewhere, it is recorded in his spiritual genes, it affects him, the whole of humanity, and the whole picture of the world revealed in the next moment because everyone who accepts a reasonable, conscious participation in it spiritually improves the overall situation, and it becomes much easier for everyone.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Impact of Football on a Person” 2/18/11

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