Feel Ten Years as Ten Days

760.4Question: What is the main function of Reshimot?

Answer: The main function of Reshimot is an informational record of all your future states. However, this is just a record. How it will be manifested within you depends on you.

When you begin to enter these states with your senses, the way you will feel this will depend on your attitude toward them. A person who wants to develop spiritually will feel this in one way, and a person who wants to develop differently will feel this in another way.

For example, a child is brought to school where he is given various tasks. One child shouts: “Why do I need this?! For how many years will it go on like this?!” He is told: “Ten years.” And he is ready to just jump out the window.

And the other kid comes to school, and he likes it, he is happy to complete tasks, for him ten years fly by very quickly.

Question: It turns out that I cannot change the fact that I have to study at school for ten years? Is it written in my Reshimot?

Answer: Yes, but you can feel these ten years as ten days.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/12/22

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