Depending on One’s Perception

962.6Question: Let’s say it is written in our Reshimot that there should be a war or some other terrible state, how will I feel they depends on me? Is it possible to change it that there would be no war?

Answer: You can change it. This is not recorded in the Reshimot, it depends on the connection between people.

Question: How should we understand what is recorded and what is not?

Answer: The basic laws of nature are recorded and you can only change your attitude toward them, like in the example of school where for one child the years of study last endlessly, and for another they fly by very quickly.

But if you can change a person, it is a completely different state. Then you change his attitude to the perception of the world, and he already feels these ten school years as ten days.

Question: But still, if the war is recorded in the Reshimot, is this the state of humanity?

Answer: No. It is recorded once, and you can change everything. For example, I know that when I went to school for me this half a day was wasted. And when I ran outside after school and played with the guys, it was like five minutes for me. Why can it not be the other way around?

It all depends on the person. There is no time, it depends only on our perception.

Question: That is, in principle, the war is recorded, but how we will perceive it and how it will take place depends on us. Could it be some kind of internal human war?

Answer: It can be a flick and that’s it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/12/22

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