Without Thinking about a Reward

622.02Question: I have to imagine that the Creator is great, that He wants me to unite with other people. Where can I find fuel and hope that for the efforts to unite with others I will get some pleasure?

Answer: You should not hope for any pleasure. It should come precisely from the fact that through your efforts you bring contentment to the Creator.

You should simply imagine it. After all, if you really feel pleasure, then you will do everything only for the sake of it. Therefore, a person should close himself, make a restriction on himself, and not receive any pleasure from his spiritual work.

Question: But it is not clear where to get fuel for this?

Answer: You will get it, don’t worry.

Question: Are there some resources in nature that can be used?

Answer: You have no idea! They are much larger than in our world.

Comment: It is not clear what this altruistic fuel is.

My Response: It will come when you want to work without any egoistic fulfillment. You will see how many opportunities there are in the world to act without response, without fulfilling yourself, without thinking about reward, when the work itself, the action itself without any reward is a reward.

If a person is freed from thoughts about himself and starts as if exiting himself, this is the greatest pleasure.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/31/22

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