Who Seeks to Come to the Land of Israel?

559Question: How can Jews be attracted to repatriate to Israel?

Answer: There is nothing in Israel that could attract people here. Only those who have a point in the heart, who are drawn to spirituality, come here. They feel better here than in other places of the world, and it does not depend on their nationality.

We see that people who study at the Kabbalah education centers, MAK and KabU, come here and settle here on any conditions, just to live here, because from within themselves they feel an aspiration to this land and to this place.

And people who do not have a craving for spirituality feel like they are temporarily living here and therefore, are ready to leave. If you provide them with normal conditions for migrating from Israel to another place and do not keep them, they will be happy to leave this country.

I am sure that not only half of the country would leave, but others will not want to come here because a person seeks to move to the place that can fulfill him.

This place can fulfill only people who seek spirituality because the land itself has a special spiritual root and special qualities come from it.

Even pilgrims, when they come here, feel some kind of force, especially in Jerusalem. One really feels that. There is a special air there, some kind of yellowish one, as the artists say.

Question: Does it mean that the nations of the world who claim Jews have no right to exist in their current state are right?

Answer: Yes. I hope that by this the nations of the world will push us to realize ourselves so that we become, as it is written, “the light for the nations of the world.”
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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