The Essence of the Creator’s Instructions

294.3Question: There are a huge number of people around me in this world. Some of them are talented, rich, and happy, and some, on the contrary, are poor, unhappy, and sick. I really feel like saying that the former people were rewarded by the Creator and the latter were punished. Is it right to reason this way?

Answer: But these are your judgments. How do you know what the reward and punishments are? How do you know the absolute meaning of the Creator’s relation to man?

Even the Torah says: “He, who does not beat his son, hates him.” What is meant is not actual beatings, but the fact that you have to put pressure on him to make a man out of an animal.

Question: So, if a person does not see the entire program of creation, he cannot, at a certain stage of his development and all of mankind’s, draw conclusions about reward and punishment, right?

Answer: No, in no way! For this, we are given lists of instructions that we can align ourselves with. Although we have not yet grasped their truths, we can still concentrate on them.

Question: Is the problem that everyone understands them in their own way?

Answer: It really depends on how developed a person is. But this is precisely the point of these lists, that a person is mistaken to the extent that he does not merge with them, to the extent that he does not comprehend the instructions.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/31/22

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