Every Person Must Become The Author Of Creation

Laitman_097The revelation is always personal; it cannot be received from someone else. Someone else can only teach you how to read. But there has to be someone to teach us to read, since reading and writing belong to the human level, whereas we, who are beginning to read, are on the animate level. Thus, we need someone who is on the human level to help us rise to that level and teach us to read and write.

The book is all of creation, from the initial plan all the way until the final act. However, in order to reveal it, a person has to go through the story and write it on his heart (as the verse says, “write the whole Torah on your heart”). That is how we prepare our spiritual vessels.

When a person reads the Torah, he learns from the Upper One, and when a person records it, he becomes equal to Him and starts to understand Him. That is how one rises to the level of the plan of creation, the end of the book.

The book is the plan of creation, which is attained at the end. The story is what we read and record within us by changing our desires and building letters out of them. Thus, we become the authors by revealing its Author. We create a copy of the book, and that constitutes all of our work.

The author does not invent the book with his own mind. He is already in front of a ready-made book from the heavens, and he transcribes it. He does not work with his own mind; he does not even know how to read or write. He must first learn. If we learn to read and write, and are able to transcribe all of creation upon ourselves, following the Creator’s example, then we will receive the title of “author.”

The Creator is not the author, since He did not write anything. He actualized everything with one thought. But we reveal His plan inside our uncorrected desires, and therefore, for us, His thought divides into the book, author, and story. If I learn to read, then His thought starts to be revealed to me inside my matter and I read it off of myself to the degree that I become equal to it. And then I transcribe it on myself.

The plan of creation is the right line, and my matter is the left line. I am in the middle line, transcribing this thought into my left line. The book, author, and story is the Creator, the creation, and the connection between them, called the Torah.

From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/10, Shamati #197

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