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Laitman_508_3From the book Shamati, Article 197: Book, Author, Story. A book is considered [the state] prior to creation [the plan]. An author is the owner of the book. The unification of the author and the book assumes the form of a “story,” that is, the Torah along with the Giver of the Torah.

We perceive ourselves inside some sort of reality, and we have to do research to find out: What is the meaning of it? Is this an illusion or the truth? Or perhaps the two are the same thing? Some program is unraveling within me along a chain of causes and effects. But who is its author? Will I be able to recognize the author of the story that I read within me?

The book (this whole reality) already existed before I started reading and revealing it. However, all the revelations take place inside me because I am reading this story as I go through the book from beginning to end and receive an impression from its flow.

Inside this story, to the degree I become familiar and included in it, I reveal the author of the book. As I go inside the book, its story starts to build me and to push me to become its author (or scribe) as well.

The story is the Torah, which leads us to the full revelation of the entire book, in which we are together with the One who Gives the Torah. Each of us reveals it for himself anew, but we need a teacher to help us read this book, similar to how an adult in our world reads to a child until the child grows up and learns to read on his own.

In the science of Kabbalah, an adult (spiritually speaking) has to help the child. It’s impossible to reveal the book on your own, but only when it’s passed from teacher to student. That is how each of us must learn to read the book and go through this story in order to reveal the author within the book.

As long as I don’t learn to read on my own and go through this whole path, I won’t reveal the book and its author because that is possible only when I am similar to Him. Gradually I myself become the author, since I write the Torah on the matter of my desire, which continuously assumes new forms of letters.

Even though this book has already been written by its Author, I too, become its author. As I go through the story from beginning to end, I equalize and unite with the book, the author, and the story.

Note: In Hebrew the word Sofer means both the writer (author) and the scribe. The only author is the Creator, who wrote only one book, the Torah, which incorporates everything. We are only rewriting it (revealing it), each one of us within himself.

From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/10, Shamati #197

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