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434Question: Japan is one of the most developed countries in terms of the pace of technology and computerization. They developed so quickly in relation to other peoples that there were even theories about an extraterrestrial origin of this civilization. Why did this happen?

Answer: I think it is precisely because they were not hindered by the previous stages of development. They jumped from the ancient natural way of life to a new way of life. They did not need to process this information and all sorts of changes. They just went from one state to another.

Their worldview, perception of the world, inner steadfastness, and inner attitude that a person can suffer, sacrifice himself, must rise above himself, and that those who do not think about themselves are respected, all these external motives and their religion helps them. To this can be added their distance from the whole world, the feeling of living on an island.

I was in Japan and felt it very strongly although I visited it in the 21st century after they had achieved all the technological innovations. But it still felt like you were in another world.

Of course, this is not an extraterrestrial civilization. It’s just the character of people who developed together with the belief that a person should rise up, go deep into himself, and unite with nature.

Nature itself forces them to be closer to it because of constant earthquakes, tsunamis, and all kinds of problems; all this has made them.

Moreover, their serious rules of life are still very strong in society. The usual human egoism is hidden inside naturally anyway. But it was in a preliminary state of its development, not fiercely egoistic like it was after the Greek, Roman, and Western civilizations in our world.

The combination of underdeveloped egoism with its suppression, along with a huge methodology of external conventions, led them to a state where they received such a system of relationships, such instructions, and such rigid principles from childhood that they did not even have any opportunities to change their paradigm.

We see that the isolation of this people, their religion, and the corresponding family and social charters have led them to become like this. But it collapses very quickly.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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