Everyone Has Their Own Creator

226Comment: They say that there is no Creator outside of creation and everyone has their own Creator.

My Response: Of course. After all, we cannot even compare how He may seem or be revealed to each of us.

Question: But everyone can see this world’s research, let’s say the laws of gravity. Everyone feels it, but each in their own way. I do not know how you feel the law of gravity, but we mean the same thing by this term. What about the Creator? What do you mean, I have my own, while you have your own??

Answer: This is a completely personal investigation of every individual. We can exchange some actions and impressions, but we will never know how similar some reflections or consequences of our study of the Creator are for each of us.

This is a biased study. The Creator is unattainable. It is to the extent of our limitations that we begin to understand it and realize our limitations. But as a result of the development of the Creator’s qualities in us, we begin to attain Him in these qualities. Then we can talk about how we perceive Him in the objective qualities we have developed in ourselves. Then the Creator can already be defined by us as something objective.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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