Elon Musk and Freedom of Speech

547.05Question: Elon Musk bought the social network Twitter. As you know, he is a supporter of total freedom of speech. But the EU authorities said that there should be no particular freedom here. He must comply with the laws adopted in the EU, otherwise his social network will be fined or even blocked in a significant part of the territory of the European Union.

Who do you think is right here? Should freedom of speech be restricted or allowed to exist?

Answer: There is no freedom in our world and it can only be this way as long as our world exists in this form. In this case, I absolutely agree with the European Union.

Comment: But everyone wants freedom of speech.

My Response: So let everyone get out to the streets and shout. This cry will be everywhere, yet nobody will listen to or understand each other. This will be freedom of speech.

If this will be the true freedom of speech, nobody will listen to anyone because everyone will only yell something of their own.

Question: So what is the freedom of speech that everyone is talking about?

Answer: For them it is an opportunity to shout.

Question: What is freedom of speech for you?

Answer: For me, freedom of speech is freedom to remain silent. Keep silent. The most correct thing for a person is when he stops talking. Let’s all stop opening our mouths, meaning, putting pressure, influencing, smooth talking, and deceiving each other. Let’s just close this verbal communication path of ours, turn off all newspapers, televisions, and the rest.

Comment: So let us fantasize that newspapers and mass media are shut down and silence has arrived.

My Response: Not just silence, but some kind of fading and freezing of all connections. The world is frozen.

This is when a person will begin to feel himself. Not that he is being yelled at and pressed from all sides, but instead he will begin to feel: who I am, what I am, for what purpose, what I want. And he has nothing else except this: “I want to say something, but what should I tell them? What do others expect from me? Or what do I need to convey to others? It turns out, I don’t have freedom of speech.” That’s what a person will discover.

Freedom of speech is when you really have something to bring to people as the most important, sacred, most useful for them, then one doesn’t need to buy Twitter.

Question: What will then become of this world?

Answer: Opening hearts in order for people to understand each other without words. That is all.

How many billions did he pay for Twitter? What you need to buy here is the opening of the hearts and then tune them up for connection between everyone, like a radio receiver on a wave. That’s how everyone can tune in to one common wave, like this common SOS, cordial, and everyone only listens to the common heartbeat of the planet.

Question: Will it ever be like this?

Answer: I think so and maybe soon. Whether in a good way or not is the question.

Question: What will it cost a person? It costs Elon Musk billions. What will it cost a person to open his heart?

Answer: I think that he will have to gradually give himself all to others and cut off growths, crusts, and scabs from his heart. And thus the real heart will be exposed. It will be so. But you can’t buy this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/2/22

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