Any Freedom Is Relative

119Question: It is good when there is freedom of speech in the nation. We live in a country where I can write whatever I want. Before I lived in another country, in a time when one could be imprisoned for these things. So, is freedom of speech a good thing or a bad thing?

Answer: All freedom is relative. It must clearly correspond to the development of society. Upbringing, restriction, everything that exists, must come to a system in which a person would feel, on one hand, comfortable, on the other hand, free, and on the third, safe. These are all contradictory conditions.

In general, the network that needs to be created in society must be very flexible. But this remains a problem to this day.

We see that all societies are fighting for pluralism, for supposed freedom of opinion, for his opinion to dominate, and so on. That is, freedom, in general, implies a constant struggle.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/29/19

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