Converting Knowledge Into Feelings

528.03Question: What are the Ten Commandments?

Answer: Once you get out of the Egyptian slavery, i.e., out of the power of egoism, you begin to take on other forms of connection between you and the Creator, between you and others. An action above one’s egoism is called a commandment.

Question: So, the structure of the ten Sefirot receives ten blows and after that I perform ten actions to connect with the Creator?

Answer: Let’s say so. Yes.

Comment: This is all very complex, not simple. In general, the world is, of course, a complicated system.

My Response: I don’t think so. We just do not want to convert it into sensations, then everything would become quite simple. The most important thing is not to leave it in your head, in some calculations, but to convert it into feelings.

Question: But what does “we do not want to” mean? Everyone would like to feel the Creator. It does not work.

Answer: You can feel it only if you want to rise above your egoism and act in spite of it. You will have to cultivate this movement within yourself perhaps over many years.

Question: Why does one still have a feeling that it is only him and the Creator? Why don’t we have a natural awareness that in order to reveal the upper force, there must be at least ten people? There is no such thing in society. On the contrary, if you want to reveal the Creator, you must seclude yourself, and in general, it seems to be something internal, concealed. What do any other people have to do with this? Why should I share the Creator with them?

Answer: You must do this in order not to deceive yourself, so that you clearly see whether you are approaching the quality of love and bestowal or not. If you can do this in relation to other people, then once you achieve this quality, you will relate to the Creator the same way.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/10/22

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