When There Is No Strength for Spiritual Work

626Question: As it is known from history that Moses came to the people at the dictate of the Creator and told them that he wanted to free them. Naturally Pharaoh began to resist. So when a point in the heart wakes up in us, our egoism begins to resist at some stage.

What does it mean in spiritual work that a person does not have the strength to work?

Answer: The fact is that when we begin to feel ourselves imprisoned in our egoism and wish to somehow get out of it, then a problem arises. How do we get out of it, and what do we do accordingly?

Here the internal struggle arises in a person between his egoistic properties and the altruistic ones.

This is what the Torah speaks of, how a person should raise his altruistic properties, which are growing in him more and more, and how he should help them grow and pull him out of Egypt (from his egoism) and raise him to the level of feeling the Creator, feeling the exit and ascent above his egoism. This is what the whole story is about.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/19/22

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