Under The Influence Of The Environment

566.01Question: The dysfunctional social environment and troubled family lead to the fact that children from such conditions suffer a backlash from it from childhood. Most of people who became serial killers were unwanted children in a family.

How can a woman’s unwillingness to have a child affect him in such a way that later he begins to perceive the world negatively and hate his own kind?

Answer: We see that the formation of a person happens under the influence of the environment.

According to Kabbalah, the environment forms even those inclinations and qualities with which we are born, i.e., we either inherit them or have no idea where they come from. All the baggage with which a person comes into this world is formed under the influence of society.

Let us say that from birth, a person is endowed with very sharp, dangerous inclinations to violence or demonstrates some socially negative actions. But under the influence of the environment, these inclinations can be actualized in the socially correct plane, that is, for the benefit of society.

For example, if a bully becomes a security guard or a killer becomes a butcher, then their inclinations will be directed to correction. Thus, in our world, we can find the right application of any human quality, whatever it may be.

Everything depends not on the inclinations themselves, which exist in us in an unrevealed informative form, i.e., in the form of our internal informational records (in Kabbalah called Reshimot), but on how we show a person their correct application and give him or her the opportunity to implement them.

But if we begin to suppress a person’s inclinations, then we lead him to the internal problems as he explodes at a certain age and begins to apply them anyway, but in an unpredictable form. He cannot restrain himself and, naturally, finds an excuse for it.

In other words, if the mother and everyone in the household treats the child as unwanted, then in this way they form a negative attitude toward the world in him. Then he naturally implements all negative inclinations into evil.

Kabbalah says that everything depends only on education. The inclinations that a person has have been given to him only so that he can realize himself correctly.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Unwanted Children” 11/28/10

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