Pharaoh—Work Within Reason

567.04Question: How can Pharaoh, the negative force in us, bring people, who want to attain the Creator, closer to His revelation?

Answer: The Pharaoh’s force only seems negative to us. In fact, it kind of teases us and brings us closer to the Creator.

It awakens egoism in us and draws us forward, ostensibly for egoistic fillings. When we get closer, it suddenly turns out that we cannot reveal anything and anyone with the help of egoism. We remain as if with a broken trough.

This means that we come to attain the Creator through the realization of the evil of our nature.

Question: Pharaoh means working within reason when a person wants to understand the whole process with his mind. What is wrong with that?

Answer: That is not the point. There is neither good nor bad in this. But it is impossible to understand this process with your mind, just as it is impossible to see the spiritual world with our eyes. We understand that our vision perceives only a certain amount of information at a certain frequency and nothing else. Proper tuning is necessary here, and it is achieved through diligence.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 4/14/22

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