A World Without Prospects

281.01Comment: Kabbalah explains all the sections of the structure of desire and you see how it works.

Why can’t people understand and accept that you just need to reconsider many things and rebuild your life? It is more pleasant for them to live in some kind of abstract mass, that there is a big world, that there are prospects beyond the horizon. It could be an adult, maybe even an elderly person who has lived his life, but still thinks like a child.

My Response: There are no prospects today, I do not see people who still live with them because the world knocks them out of all prospects. Everything changes so unpredictably quickly, everything closes and opens so that a person cannot plan anything, and therefore lives case by case, so to speak. In addition, the new generation is very special, it has completely different views and approaches to the world.

Question: What does this click, this transition to a new understanding, depend on?

Answer: It depends on the recognition of the need for this transition, the recognition of evil, when I can no longer live like this, in the present state.

After all, a person comes to our community because he believes that without attaining the cause, the purpose of the world, he has nothing to do in it, there is no point in existing, “I must understand, I must realize, I must figure out why I live at all, why everything exists, what meaning each of my actions and each of my days has; I cannot just live like that, I need meaning, purpose, fulfillment, otherwise I do not have the energy for movement.”
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Forecast for the next hundred years” 12/10/09

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