The Wars Of The Messiah Are Ahead Of Us

220Comment: Michael writes to you: “In a quiet, peaceful time I could agree with you that it is necessary to embrace your enemy and that love is above everything. This is what I used to do by the way. But now I see how impossible it is. Man cannot do that. You will never embrace a murderer or a rapist in your life. You will not hug them! So why are you talking about it?”

My Response: I am not saying that you must physically hug him. Even internally you cannot hug him. But you should try to imagine that you have descended to his level, because if he is a murderer and a rapist, then he is below you. Yet, you descend in order to somehow get in touch with him, to understand him in some way.

Question: So, in fact, contact is impossible, right?

Answer: No? Then you will not do anything. You must understand that man was programmed this way from above. After all, we are talking about Kabbalah, about Kabbalistic correction.

We must understand that a person was simply directed in this way. With all his egoism and inclinations, it is not his fault. The Creator arranged it all for him, the kind, almighty, and loving Creator. Therefore, we still have a great deal to correct in our understanding.

Only when you descend to his level and realize that everything that is in him comes from the Creator and this is depicted before you and within you so that you correct your attitude to what is happening and to the Creator, then you will be able to somehow come closer to him. You will not be able to hug him yet, but you can come closer to him and start correcting this condition together with him so that in the end you would be able to understand him, because it does not depend on him.

This is all the fault of the Creator who did it and did it in order to correct you so that together you can rise to the level of mutual understanding and then to mutual love between you for all of humanity, for the entire universe, and thus to correct everything.

Comment: What an impossibly difficult science we are engaged in!

My Response: This is not science. This is nature! Otherwise, we will not do anything!

Comment: It requires turning the guts inside out, washing the entire heart, and clearing the entire mind.

My Response: When you do it constantly for a long time, you reach it. People will go through these wars. These will be internal wars, wars of the Messiah. And everything will work out.

Comment: You understand, don’t you, that we are talking about a loved one, about someone dear who is no longer with us.

My Response: All relatives and friends will suddenly manifest in such a way that you will not see anyone who would be more distant from you than the closest one. And the most distant ones will turn out to be the closest.

Everyone will turn out to be absolutely close and absolutely ugly. And suddenly, you will have to love them and just adore them. There are real wars ahead; they are called “the wars of the Messiah,” the wars of liberation from our egoism.

Messiah (Mashiach)—from the word “Limshoch,” to pull out— is the one who pulls us out of our egoism. We stop looking at the world egoistically, we stop blaming people for it. We must relate this to the Creator and correct our attitude to Him from absolute hatred to absolute love.

Comment: Can you imagine! You say: “He is to blame for everything, He did everything, He is the main enemy of man.”

My Response: If this is how I perceive the world, then yes.

Question: What if it is the other way around?

Answer: If it is the other way around, then I must turn myself upside-down again; in the end, I must correct myself and there is no evil and harm in the world except for myself, my egoism. I have to correct it into the quality of absolute love where I see everyone as my enemies and haters and correct them into everyone I see loving and loved.

Question: Does it mean that I correct myself and they become loving and loved?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: That is, everything is aimed at making me sort myself out.

My Response: Yes. There are still things to do ahead of us.

Question: You say that there are serious wars ahead. In any case, are we being prepared for them, or will we be thrown unprepared into this scorcher?

Answer: No! Who is there to throw? It is like throwing a baby into a real fight.

Question: Are we being led to them one way or another and we will come to this already wanting these wars?

Answer: Yes. We will understand their necessity.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/17/22

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